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Surface Renewal Pros are you experts for renewing your tub and tiles with our premium refinishing!

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What is Surface Renewal?

You don’t need to take out your old tiles or bathtub to make your bathroom look new and shiny.

We are here to help with our special bathroom makeover skills. We offer a quick and not-too-expensive way to make your bathroom look new without replacing everything.

Our specialized spray creates a durable, smooth, and glossy finish in various colors, including popular white. The new layer conceals stains, cracks, and dirt, giving a fresh look without significant expense or time.

In just one day, you’ll have the cool, new bathroom you wanted, and it will be fast and easy on your wallet.

Our Work Speaks For Itself

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Renew vs. Remodel

Some reasons why you should renew your bathroom instead of remodeling it.

More Economical

Refinishing your bathtub and wall tiles provides an affordable alternative to a full bathroom makeover. Achieve a luxurious upgrade and substantial savings by opting for this cost-effective renewal option.

Simpler Process

Opting for bathroom renewal ensures a quick, hassle-free experience with experts handling the job. Avoid the challenges of traditional remodeling, such as removing old fixtures and fitting new materials, by using our professionals' spray-on refinishing technique for a simpler, more convenient solution.

Quicker Installation

Bathroom renewal offers a faster alternative to full remodels, with our efficient refinishing techniques taking only 3-4 hours. With minimal disruption and a 4-hour post-application wait, enjoy your updated space quickly and conveniently, avoiding the lengthy downtime of traditional projects.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Bathroom renewal is an affordable and eco-friendly choice that extends the life of fixtures, reducing waste and supporting sustainability. Our use of low-VOC paints and safe fumes further promotes a healthier indoor environment, offering peace of mind during the process.

Here’s What We Do:

Bathtub Refinishing

Our experts specialize in bathtub refinishing, delivering a pristine, revitalized tub that's easy to maintain. Renewal not only improves appearance but also seals and protects, prolonging your tub's lifespan.

Shower Refinishing

Our expert shower refinishing services enhance your daily routine by transforming your shower's appearance, ensuring an attractive and well-maintained space.

Bathtub + Shower Refinishing

If you have a tub and shower combo, we can refinish both at once, giving your bathroom a fresh and updated look.

Wall Tile Refinishing

Our wall tile refinishing services rejuvenate your tiles and grout, leaving a consistent, scum-free finish. Trust our experts to restore your tiles and provide a fresh, modern appearance.

Tub Chip, Scratch & Crack Repair

We specialize in tub repair services for chips, scratches, and cracks, ensuring both aesthetics and safety. Our expert team quickly and efficiently identifies and fixes damage using specialized techniques and materials.

Cabinet Refinishing

Refinishing your cabinets is the perfect cost-effective solution! With a professional grade refinish, you can completely transform their look and bring back that sparkle to set off your space. Give those years old cabinets new life–no more cringing every time someone walks in! Get rid of the dingy tones and have room ready for proud showings all at a fraction of what it would take to install brand new ones. Make way for bright shining dreams with cabinet refinishing today – let's start transforming that dream kitchen now.

Our Process


Call Or Submit A Form.

Reach us by phone or form, and our customer service team will swiftly provide a transparent quote without hidden fees. We’ll collect your details, arrange a convenient appointment, and send a confirmation email. In case a change in timing is required, kindly inform us with a day’s notice.


We Arrive.

On your appointment day, clear loose items from the bathroom. Our skilled technician will arrive, introduce themselves, inspect the item for resurfacing, and address any questions you have about the process.


We Refinish.

After the inspection, our team begins refinishing, usually completed within four hours. Upon finishing, you’ll receive a care and warranty sheet with maintenance information. For questions or concerns, consult the technician or contact our office.


You Enjoy!

Upon completion of the refinishing process, you will receive an invoice via email. Payment can be made through various options, including check, credit card, phone, or online. With the payment settled, you can now revel in your revitalized bathroom, feeling renewed and refreshed.

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